Get Fit And Healthy For Summer (And Beyond!)

So summer is rolling around pretty darn quickly, and if you haven't already been working feverishly on priming your body for posing on the beach, it's never too late to get started.  Not that Fitness Guru endorses fad diets or lousy workout regimes, but putting a bit of extra work to tone up for the summer is most people's goal.

The fact is though, that getting a 'beach ready' body is all well and good, but the real skill is maintaining it throughout the year.  Rather than a few quick fixes, it should be more about adopting a healthy lifestyle and exercise habits so that you can lift up your t shirt and reveal a chisseled six pack even in the depths of winter.  Inside of course, unless you're incredibly manly.  Or Bear Grylls.

With that said, here are some superb articles from around the web that you should definitely check out and pay attention to.  Everyone has their own personal goals, but there's nothing wrong with a bit of general info.  Read on!

General Advice

Scooby's Workshop

Read everything on this guy's website.  He knows what he's talking about, and his advice really works.  Not just for body builders.

Top 10: Summer-Fitness Resolutions

Some short and to the point tips.  Can't really argue with any of these.

The 100 Best Fitness Tips

A centurian of tips from Men's Health that you should definitely take a look at.

This blog has some interesting fitness articles that are well worth checking out.


The Ultimate 28 Day Six Pack Programme

This is a pretty comprehensive set of workouts that includes everything from bicep curls to barbell squats.

Fitness Guru Workout Regimes

Yup, this is FG approved, and has links to various different body parts.  Want big arms? Olympian legs? Get in here!

Fitness with steve online Skip to Fitness

Skipping is a FANTASTIC way to get fit.  Check out this video which features some great moves.  Excuse the quality.


Loved by Navy SEALS and just about every other person who's goal is ultimate fitness.  These workouts are killer, so go at your own speed and do what you can.  Complete one on your first try? Absolutely superb!

Quick Cycling Workouts for Power and Endurance

If you have a bike, you can do these workouts.  Prepare to feel the burn.  Got a turbo trainer or a stationary bike?  Even better!


6 Super Foods Of Summer

Are you eating any of these?

5 chicken breast recipes

Chicken is great, and with these recipes it's even better!

Dummy Proof Your Diet: 5 Fat-Fighting Strategies

Simple steps, but very effective.  Take note of these!

Runner's World: Nutrition Basics

If you're going to start running around, make sure you're properly fuelled with these tips.

10 Golden Rules of Healthy Eating

A top 10 from Maxim.  Number 5 is exactly right.

What do you guys think of these suggestions?  Are there any other links you'd add?  Hit me up with some comments below!

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