Where To Buy Fitness Gear Online

It’s no surprise to find the net is full of great places to buy fitness related gear. Since you’ve come to Fitness Guru, you’re probably on the lookout for workout routines or cardiovascular workout tips. Yes our articles are great, but sometimes going to a gym just isn’t feasible, so you need to take matters into your own hands.

Here are our top places to buy fitness gear. No catches, just quality products!


Sometimes even the most regimented of diets just don’t provide your body with enough fuel. Supplements give back what mother nature takes away, and they really do work. You don’t have to worry about dodgy chemicals or unhealthy additives either; supplements are so rigorously screened that the bad stuff is non existent. Whether you’re looking to bulk up, slim down or exercise for longer, buying the right supplement can help you massively.

Maximuscle UK

Maximuscle is the UK’s most popular retailer of fitness supplements. Its products are used by professional sports teams like London Wasps Rugby, Olympic athletes and even Iron Man triathletes.

Products like Cyclone, Viper and Promax are tailored to specific fitness needs, so whether you’re trying to beat your bench press record or shave a few minutes off your marathon time, Maximuscle is certainly the best of British.


One of the best retailers of bodybuilding supplements around, you can get some truly incredibly products. If bulking up is your goal then you’ll certainly find a lot of stuff to give you the edge. The clue is really in the name- it’s a bodybuilding treasure trove. While you have to look past some amusing marketing spiel, there are actually some great deals to be had.

Used by bodybuilders all over the world, Bodybuilding.com is really the one stop shop for piling on the muscle and creating the body of a god!

Fitness Equipment

Working out at home can be a lot of fun. While you may not get the social interaction of the gym, you can do what you want when you want and always stay focussed. Scooby has a great range of home workouts and proves you don’t have to spend a fortune to forge an iron body.


The world’s largest online retailer didn’t get that way by chance. It stocks a fantastic range of products- everything from weights to cardio equipment, clothing to shoes and even massage equipment for recovery. Basically you can get anything at Amazon, and more often than not there are very low prices.

The great thing about Amazon is that it’s a truly international company, so people in the USA can visit Amazon.com and get exactly the same products as people in the UK visiting Amazon.co.uk.

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