5 Equations For Perfect Weight Loss

1. Pack your bag, lose your fat

Load up your back and walk off your belly
Next time you take a stroll around the block pack a bag that weighs 20% of your bodyweight. A report from the American College of Sports Medicine found this increases fat burning by 30% in your other saddle bags. Also pack some Nordic poles. According to a report in the Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, these force you to take longer, more forceful strides and increase your energy output by 67%. Even if they do raise eyebrows on the way to the corner shop.

2. The chill factor

Burn more calories in cold weather
Training in the cold activates a type of fat that helps you lose weight. Scientists at the University of Gothenburg found that when we’re cold, ‘brown’ fat takes calories from regular blubber and sets them to sizzle. “Just one minute at 4°C sets it off,” says Professor Mike Cawthorne of the University of Buckingham. A study from the University of Nottingham also found that exercising in daylight activates brown fat.

3. Snooze yourself slimmer

Time your sleep to carve a quicker six-pack
A five-year study from Wake Forest University in the US found that six-and-a-half hours was the optimum amount of sleep per night to minimise abdominal fat gains. Any less and your ability to burn carbs diminishes. “Give yourself a three-hour window between leaving the gym and going to bed,” says Dr Louise Reyner at the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre. “Training stimulates adrenaline production and interferes with sleep.”

4. D is for Destroying your waistline

Target belly fat with the right vitamin
A study at the University of Minnesota found that increasing your levels of vitamin D helps you lose weight. “The richest food source of vitamin D is wild salmon,” says nutritionist Anita Bean. “A 100g fillet provides your RDA of 25mg.” Season your fish with garlic and lemon and add a side salad with vinegar dressing and olive oil to increase your body’s ability to shed pounds. “This promotes antioxidants, which neutralise chemicals in the body associated with improved weight control,” says Bean.

5. Timing is everything

Explosive lifts will light your fat furnace
To win the war on fat, join the resistance – but be punctual. Ball State University scientists showed that when you’re lifting weights, the best way to target fat is to speed through the lifting phase of a move in one second and return to the starting position in three. They found that lower body exercises like squats, lunges and calf raises were best suited to this rapid-fi re training. Once you’ve lifted your last, replenish your parched and pummelled self by reaching for a glass of milk. Researchers at McMaster University found that subjects who downed 600ml of skimmed milk after a weights session lost nearly twice as much fat as those refuelling with a sports drink.
Source: Mens Health

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