Gymnastic Strength

You'll probably have heard it all before..."i can bench 6000 pounds", "squatting 7898 kilos is easy". Ok so those guys are pretty strong, there's no doubt about it. But how well can they move all that muscle? Probably not at all.

Gymnasts are incredibly strong, powerful and are able to throw themselves in heaps in a controlled way. It's all based on the ability to lift your own body weight through dynamic movements.

You can add some elements of Gymnast training into your workout routines by concentrating on simple body weight exercises like dips and pullups. Also think about using Gymnastic rings...check out some of the CrossFit workouts that use these.

Check out this awesome video showing Olympic standard Gymnasts on the Rings. Epic stuff!


Medical Billing Software said...

Gymnasts do have a perfect body .This is because they have to use each and every part of their body so they can be called fittest people in the world .

Aaron said...

A big part of that is skill. Not saying they don't have strength, gymnasts have lots of it. But strength alone is one thing, those moves and holds they do take a whole lot of skill!