MdS Training 3

An insight into Adelante4's goal to run the Marathon des Sables in 2010.

Training this week has been a bit stop/go. A mixture of bad weather, bad blisters and shin pain have affected when i could get out running, but i've switched it up a bit and done some cross training too.

As per my half marathon training guide, i completed the 4x800m speed runs and the 8 mile long run. I was not able to get out to do the 4 mile tempo run as i experienced pain in my shin after the speed work. I decided to stop running for 3 days and give my legs a rest from pounding the streets and trails. I found a pretty good video on RunnersWorld about how to tape up your leg when you've got shin pain (and any other pain for that matter). So i'll give that a try next week and see how i go.

Insead of the 4miler then, i got on my bike and did some big hill sprints which blew me away. I was running on empty by the end of it. After that the weekend 8 miler was great, but tough as i ran trail where it was muddy. Even though it was fun, i think running on roads is better for me as i can keep up a constant faster pace.

I also began doing some body weight exercises midweek, and really killed on it. My aim here is to build strength and endurance in my muscles. Here's what i did:

4x30 pressups
4x50 prisoner squats
4x10 pullups
4x30 situps
4x1minute plank

A pretty basic set, but it got my blood pumping. I may change it up and do the bodyweight 200 next week. After that i could even look at getting into spartan shape by doing the Sparta 300 workout...although i think that's a long way off yet!

Really need to start looking for sponsorship money ASAP or i won't be running across any desert any time soon!

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