MdS Training 2

An insight into Adelante4's goal to run the Marathon des Sables in 2010.

Training this week has gone really well. Even though it has been snowing and tempuratures have been as low as -10C, i've stuck in there and done some solid runs.

As per my half marathon training plan, this week i've done 4x400m speed work, a 3 mile tempo run and a 6 mile long, steady run. I've felt pretty comfortable on them all, however the 6 miler did start to get difficult on the icy roads and trails. Even so, i just turned up my ipod and went for it!

As well as running, i've been supplementing the training plan with body weight workouts. An example of what i'd do would be:

4x30 Pressups
4x50 Prisoner Squats
4x10 Pullups
4x15 Body Weight Rows
4x10 Tricep Dips
4x30 Situps

For the time being i'm just concentrating on the basics, building a solid base with which to add power and strength later on. I'm not going for bulk, as this would obviously weigh me down when running and make me tire faster...more muslce demands more oxygen. When the weather clears up, i will start cycling- both on roads and on trails. I like to mix it up and combining the 2 really gets you moving around well. I will also start training in specific heart rate zones when on the bike, as i find it easier to maintain than when running.

Theres something about running in the snow that's special...the 4x400m sets and the 3 miler were among the best runs of my life. It just felt good, i felt at ease and like i was really getting somewhere. At first i was a bit suspect about running in the cold, i've heard stories about people getting bad chest infections and even horror stories about lungs freezing. So i did some research and found that if you dress in layers, with a good fleece and windproof outer coat you'll be ok. It's also important to cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or balaclava so you're breathing in warmer air. So thats what i did, and it seemed to work out alright!

Part of my goal to run the Marathon des Sables is to raise some money for charity. I've spent some time in Cambodia volunteering at a project in rural Siem Reap with an NGO called Globalteer. I was teaching English to poor village kids and it was a real eye opener. When i left they were struggling for funds and some of the kids were barely getting any food. So i think that's where i'll send the money i raise. I fell in love with Cambodia and really want to go back there someday.

So that's 2 weeks down, and i'm feeling good. It's gonna get tougher from here!

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