MdS Training 1

An insight into Adelante4's goal to run the Marathon des Sables in 2010.

Hey all, i'm Adelante4, part of the team that updates Fitness Guru. I'm attempting to run the Marathon des Sables in 2010, and will be giving you weekly updates about how my training is going.

I've wanted to run the MdS for a while, ever since i saw a programme on it when i was younger. Untill now too many work related issues have prevented me from doing it, but i've made it my absolute goal to train hard in 2009 and do the race in 2010. I need a big test in my life, and lets be honest they don't get any bigger than a 150 mile race across the Sahara desert! Strangely, pushing myself to the absolute maximum, and then a bit further, really does appeal to me.

So before i go running across the Sahara, i need to dig the foundations. That's why i've made a progressive training plan for 2009 that will challenge me and keep me motivated. I intend to run some pretty intense events this year to build up my endurance, cardiovascular fitness and mental strength. I've heard of too many people jumping in at the deep end and failing to achieve their i'm going to begin by taking it slow. Here are just a few of the events i intend to run:

- March 2009- Prague Half Marathon
- July 2009- Davos Swiss Alpine Marathon or 4 Days of Nijmegen
- August 2009- Bornem Death March 100k
- October 2009- Brussels Marathon

In order to achieve my goals, i'll be putting in all the hard work. I will use training guides from RunnersWorld that have been tried and tested by more experienced endurance athletes than me. Hopefully they will get me into very good shape.

So to begin with i'll be using a training regime tailored specifically for running a half marathon, as finishing the Prague Half Marathon is my first goal. Not only will i be getting the miles into my legs, i will be cross training using swimming and cycling and supplementing that with a good weights workout regime- mainly consisting of body weight exercises. I'll be eating healthily and getting the right types of food when i need them. Diet is just as important as exercise here.

To keep you updated...Training last week didn't go very well...i've been really ill with a bad cold tand flu and only managed to do a very slow 5k. Still, anything is better than nothing i guess! My first task is to rest up and get over this illness, then i will be starting my Half Marathon training regime and will keep you posted of how it's going.

Hope you enjoy reading about my adventure as much as i enjoy doing it!

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