Eat Turkey At Christmas And Stay Lean

Check out this article from MH. Enjoy the delights of the festive season while staying in shape!

Festive Food

Whoever chose turkey as the Xmas staple was on your side. “During ‘active rest’ periods you want to reduce calorie intake from simple carbs, not protein,” says Brian Batcheldor, nutritionist for British Light Welterweight Champion David Barnes. “Both carbs and protein yield 4 calories per gram, but your body uses 3 calories to metabolise every gram of protein compared to just 1 for simple carbs – so you’re less likely to put on fat, and won’t get the energy rollercoaster you get from sugars.”

How Much?

Aim to get 40% of your daily calories from protein. “Suddenly reduce protein intake and your body will strip muscle fibres,” says Batcheldor. Drip-feed protein through the day, but consume the lion’s share in the morning, when The European Centre for Human Nutrition Research found the body can better metabolise protein’s key amino acids. “And up your water intake to three litres a day to aid digestion of protein molecules and transport of the amino acids into your muscles,” says Batcheldor. Might help that headache too.

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