Rotator Cuff Exercises

The rotator cuffs are a group of muscles and tendons that stabilize the entire shoulder. Creating a stable rotator cuff is essential when building a bigger, stronger upper body, without seriously injuring the shoulder.

It is very common to find people with weak rotator cuffs attempting to lift heavy weights and either failing, or seriously injuring themselves. So it's important that you give some care and attention to your rotator cuffs- it will keep you in the game much longer.

Here are some basic rotator cuff exercises to do 3-4 times a week, with a very light weight. It should be light enough to allow 20-30 repetitions of each exercise. Images c/o SportsFitnessAdvisor.

1. External Rotation

2. Internal Rotation

3. Horizontal Rotation

If necessary put an ice pack on your shoulder following a thorough cool down and stretching- this will help ease any discomfort.

With your new strong rotator cuffs, why not check out some exercises for big arms and move ahead with your own personal goals.


Chris said...

It's hard to make people realize that big weights are not needed nor desired for rotator cuff strengthening.

Great post. Here is a nice video demonstrating some alternative rotator cuff exercises.

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