New Websites

Fitness Guru is always on the lookout for new websites that you might find useful to achieve your personal fitness goal. Here are some well worth taking a look at.

Gyminee "No more guessing, it's time to take your fitness seriously. Gyminee allows you to track and visualize your fitness progress and goals.
Keeping a detailed health and fitness log is one of the best ways to stay motivated towards living a healthier lifestyle. Gyminee allows you to effortlessly track your weight, waist size, calories, protein intake, and much more. You can view detailed graphs that show how you are doing on specific exercises. Fitness tracking has never been so simple!"
The Biggest Loser The new series of NBC's hit show airs 11 September. Take a look at this site for further information about the show. The site also has great nutrition information, Biggest Loser recipes and a useful BMI calculator. Check out a sneak preview video of the show here.

Bear Grylls' Blog You may have seen an earlier post about our favorite survivor, Bear Grylls. Now you can read his personal blog, full of great info about his latest exploits. A true inspiration to everyone, a hero among men. Well worth keeping an eye on. Also check out the new series of Man vs. Wild on the Discovery Channel. Epic.

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