More Fitness Websites

Check out these great fitness websites that provide some interesting tips and helpful information.

Fit Gadgets "Simply enter the assigned code for one of over 900 foods (and drink)
located in the guidebook, and place it on the dish provided. The digital
display will then tell you its weight in whatever measurement you need, as
well as how many calories it contains."

VideoJug "Sports are a global obsession, and fitness an increasingly important part of many lives. VideoJug has hundreds of expert-led, professionally made videos about a variety of sports and fitness regimes. So, whether you want to know how to play tennis or golf, or ride a horse, or you want to get fit or become proficient at yoga, we have the video for you. On your marks..."

Ross Boxing The Man. The Legend. A favourite of the Fitness Guru, this guy takes fitness to another level. You may have already seen his skipping workout here. He has added some new videos, well worth checking out!

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