Sports Shoes

Wearing the right shoes whilst exercising or playing sports is important. Fact. Getting the right pair of shoes for your feet can save you from serious injury and minimise muscle strains/ pulls over time.

If you are serious about exercising and are a keen athlete, or you just like to include running or any sort of activity where compression of the feet occurs, it is well worth seeing a specialist who will be able to analyse your running style and prescribe a pair of shoes specifically for you. Nowadays personalised inner soles can be ordered so that your shoe is correct to your footprint.

If you choose not to invest in a new pair of sports shoes, here are some tips to minimise injury and save your feet and legs:

- Purchase shock absorbing inner soles that will decrease the impact of running on hard surfaces
- Alternatively, purchase "heels" that can be inserted into the shoe
- Think about purchasing an ankle support if your shoes are not cut high enough
- Stretch thoroughly before and after any sort of physical activity
- Minimise the amount of time spent running on hard surfaces such as concrete
- Concentrate on running on softer surfaces such as a gymnasium floor, grass or sand

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