Supersets are a great way to minimise time and increase the intensity of any workout. Supersets are when you move directly from one exercise onto another without any rest. To see the best results, opposite muscle groups should be worked, for example biceps and triceps, chest and back. After a while, your body and muscles become used to a set workout and stop growing. Performing supersets is an ideal way to kick start your body back into action. Here is an example superset routine designed by Sylvester Stallone himself:

Monday and Friday
- Overhand Grip Pullups to Wide Arm Pushups (Back/ Chest)
- Incline Bench Press to Narrow Grip Pulldowns (Chest/ Back)
- Dumbbell Punches to Rocky Runners (Shoulders)
- Dumbbell Shrugs to Cable Press Downs (Back/ Triceps)
- Leg Presses to Calf Raises (Legs)
- Lunges to Leg Extensions (Legs)
- Hanging Leg Raises to Broomstick Twists (Abs)

- Overhand Grip Pullups to Barbell Curls (Back/ Biceps)
- Preacher Curls to Hammer Curls (Biceps)
- Rocky Runners to Cable Press Downs (Shoulders/ Triceps)
- Low Pulley Curls to Overhead Rope Pushdowns (Biceps/ Triceps)
- Dips to Underhand Grip Pullups (Triceps/ Biceps)
- Hanging Leg Raises to Broomstick Twists (Abs)

Perform 2 sets of 8-10 repetitions for each superset. You should spend 2 weeks maximum performing this superset routine, then revert back to your previous workout. Or indeed, create a new one to keep your muscles guessing.

More information about how to perform the above exercises can be found below:


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