Short Circuits?

Circuit training is a quick and effective way of exercising many parts of the body in a short space of time. Many exercises can be incorporated into circuit training, using bodyweight or with the aid of free weights or weight machines. The aim of circuit training is to perform different exercises one after another with very little or no rest.

The benefits of circuit training are that it does not always require expensive gym equipment, it can be done almost anywhere, it is possible to exercise different parts of the body in quick succession and it is easy to adapt to target various elements of fitness/ tailored to a specific sport.

Generally speaking, it is better to undertake circuit training in an open space so that various different stations can be set up (either outside or in a sports hall). This allows for sprinting to be incorporated into the circuit thereby building fitness. Another advantage of performing circuit training in an open space is that a few people can make use of the circuit at the same time, or you can use different stations based on what ever exercise you feel like doing next.

Here is a generic circuit for a total body workout:

Station 1: Pressups
- Perform 25 pressups

Station 2: Situps
- Perform 20 situps

Station 3: Squat Thrusts
- Perform 30 Squat Thrusts

Station 4: Burpees
- Perform 15 Burpees

Station 5: Star Jumps
- Perform 15 Star Jumps

Station 6: Dumbbell Squats
- Perform 10 Dumbbell Squats

Station 7: Lunges
- Perform 15 Lunges

Station 8: Pullups
- Perform 10 Overhand Grip Pullups

Station 9: Bent Over Rows
- Perform 12 Bent Over Rows

Station 10: Dumbbell Curls
- Perform 8 Dumbbell Curls

Station 11: Shoulder Press
- Perform 8 Shoulder Presses

Position each station 10 meters apart. After 1 exercise, sprint to the next station, back to the previous station and then back to the station you intend to go to.

Perform this circuit twice with 1 minutes rest after each circuit and no rest between exercises. Build up to 4 times when you feel it becomes too easy. Perform this circuit 3 times a week to see optimum results. You can adapt the circuit so it incorporates exercises you enjoy doing, or that are specific to your sport (if any).

If you aren't wishing you were dead at the end of each circuit, you aren't putting enough effort in. Remember, the more effort you put in, the better results you will get out of it, taking you one step close to your personal fitness goals.

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