Exercises for Big Arms

There are hundreds of exercises for the arms, however we will concentrate a variety of different ones here that really maximise muscle and strength development.

- Barbell Curls (Biceps)
The standard exercise to build big biceps. Stand holding the barbell with your arms straight down by your sides, with palms facing outwards. Curl the barbell up towards you chest, pause and then lower it back down slowly.

- Hammer Curls (Biceps)
Another great exercise for the biceps and forearms. Stand holding a pair of dumbbells with your arms straight down by your sides, with palms facing inwards. Curl the dumbbells up towards your shoulders, pause and then lower them back down slowly.

- Preacher Curls (Biceps)
An exercise that is all about sculpting the biceps and adding terrific width. Sit with your chest against the preacher curls bench, with your armpits firmly hugging the top of the bench. Grab a barbell and extend your arms down fully to the floor. Curl the bar upwards, pause and then lower the bar to the starting position slowly.

- Incline Dumbbell Curls (Biceps)
Set an incline bench to 45 degrees. Sit on the bench with a pair of dumbbells with an underhand grip, arms extended by your side. Make sure your back is flat against the bench. Curl the dumbbells upwards towards your shoulders, pause and lower them back down slowly.

- Low Pulley Curls (Biceps)
Stand facing the machine and grab the bar on the low pulley. Making sure you keep your back straight, curl the bar up towards your chest, pause and then lower it back down to the starting position slowly.

- Underhand Grip Pullups (Biceps)
Probably the most effective way of building big guns. Grab a pullup bar with an underhand grip. Pull yourself up until your chest is almost touching the bar, pause and then lower yourself back down slowly. Keep your legs crossed behind you during the exercise for stability.

- Cable Press Downs (Triceps)
A great move to build massive triceps. Attach a short bar to the overhead cable and stand facing the machine. Grab the bar, and keep your elbows tucked in by your sides tightly, arms bent. Push the bar down towards extending your arms, pause and then raise the bar back to the starting position. Remember, keep your elbows against your body the whole time.

- Overhead Rope Pushdowns (Triceps)
Another great move for the triceps. Attach a rope extension to the overhead cable. Stand facing away from the machine and grab the rope. Lean forward slightly and push the rope down until your arms are extended with your hands in front of your head, pause and then return to the starting position slowly. Feel the burn.

- Pressups (Triceps)
An almost forgotten move that is a classic tricep builder. Get into the classic pressup position. Keeping your body straight and your abs tight, lower your chest until it almost touches the floor, pause for 2 seconds and then push yourself up again. Alternate between wide arm, close arm and regular arm pressups for the best results.

- Dips (Triceps)
Another classic move that gets results quickly. Put your hands on the edge of a flat bench behind you, palms down and shoulder width apart. Extend your legs out in front of you. Keeping your hands on the bench, lower yourself to the floor, pause for 5 seconds and then press yourself up until your elbows are locked.

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