Juice Plus+ Nutrition: A Personal Account On Why To Take It

Written by Rachael Nichols, Juice Plus+ user and keen athlete.  Find her on FB at www.facebook.com/TeamJuicePlus

As we all know and are learning, there are toxins in our environment at everywhere.  They are in our food, soil and most consumer products.  Our bodies need all the fruits and veggies we can give it to detoxify and heal. Juice Plus has been one of the many changes my family has made over the last few years.  We eat lots of fruits and vegetables and also take Juice Plus+® on a daily basis. We LOVE Juice Plus+® !

As I began to research Juice Plus+® ,  I found this whole food based nutrition, is the healthiest fruits, vegetables and grains, juiced and dried at low temperatures, removing the water and most of the sugar, salt and bulk (p.s. it's also gluten free!). These nutritious juice powders are then put into capsules and chewables.  Juice Plus+® has over 17 published studies proving the benefits in preventing disease and improving your health.  You didn't have to tell me twice!!

So after being on Juice Plus+ for almost 3 years, here is "our story".  We are athletes, participating in marathons, adventure races, yoga, triathlons, XTERRA triathlons, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, we love to be outside and stay active. By taking Juice Plus+®  we are ensuring that our bodies are getting the nutrition it needs to heal and refuel quickly so we can keep living our active lifestyles. We are also almost never sick.  We have been able to fight off common colds, stomach bugs and who knows what else.  If we do start to get run down, we double up on Juice Plus+® and within 24-48 hours, have fought it off.  Our Immune systems are working amazingly. So not only do we rarely get sick, but when I was pregnant, I did not have to take a prenatal vitamin (full of synthetic ingredients).  I took one extra capsule of orchard, garden and vineyard blend.  I survived a winter being pregnant and was not sick once and I did NOT get the flu shot.  In addition to taking our vineyard, garden and orchard blend everyday, we add Juice Plus+ Complete (whole foods based beverage mix) to our morning and post workout routine and we try our best to cut back on processed food, eat real food, and stay active.

Juice Plus+® is the next best thing to fruits and vegetables.  It helps bridge the gap from what is recommended daily and what we actually eat.  We are all super busy, all the time, right?  It is hard to get all those fruits and vegetables in every day. Did you know the current daily recommendation is 7 to 13 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables?  It can be done but most of us will fall short.  The nutrients in fruits and vegetables can maximize the physical and intellectual development of our children as they grow through the school-age years.  They also increase our energy levels.  They help our bodies simply function more efficiently.  I like to think of Juice Plus+® as our insurance policy to reach this daily goal.

Juice Plus+® is supported by leading health professionals.  The experts range from pediatricians such as the Dr. Sears’, dietitians, oncologists and even dermatologists.  Unlike traditional vitamin supplements, Juice Plus+®  contains ONLY naturally occurring phytonutrients from the fruits and vegetables themselves.  Juice Plus+®  also contains NO dyes, no excitotoxins such as aspartame/sucralose/MSG, and no hidden chemical additives.  It is the most researched brand name nutritional product in the world.  Numerous clinical studies have proven that  Juice Plus+®

  • Delivers key antioxidants and phytonutrients that are easily absorbed by the body
  • Reduces oxidative stress
  • Reduces key biomarkers of systemic inflammation
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Helps protect DNA from oxidative damage
  • Supports cardiovascular wellness
  • Supports healthy skin and gums

Do you or your children get sick all the time?  Or do you worry that they barely seem to eat anything at all and when they do they ask for sugar or processed snack foods?  Is it hard to get a variety of fruits and vegetables every day? Do you feel tired and run down?  If you can relate and answer yes, to any of these questions, then Juice Plus+® would be extremely beneficial to you and your family!

In addition to my immediate family, most of my extended family also takes Juice Plus+®.  I have shared it with those that I care about the most and I am happy to be able to share it with you!

If you have questions about Juice Plus+® or want to place an order with assistance, email rachaelanichols[at]gmail[dot]com or go to www.teamnicholsjuiceplus.com then to the "store" to place an order.

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